Top 10 Pet Supply Sites 2022

Find the Pet Supply Sites for you.

If you’re looking for a selection of organic and all-natural pet foods and products for your furry friends, pet supply sites can answer your needs.

Which Pet Supply Site is Right for You and Your Pet?

Ordering pet supplies online can save you time and money. Want to start saving but aren’t sure which site to use? 

Whether it’s for clothing, school supplies, household cleaning products, or fresh produce, everything is being bought online today. You know the drill: go to the store’s website or mobile app, select what you want, purchase, and boom, it’s at your door. Pet supplies, including food and toys, are no different. There are tons of online pet supply sites out there all offering different things. So which is right for you?

The Obvious

Of course, when you’re in need of pet supplies, the first stores that probably come to mind are PetSmart and Petco. They’ve been around for ages, and have branded themselves as the one-stop-shop for all your pet-needs. If you have yet to try shopping on their sites, you’re missing out. 


PetSmart offers deals online that may be as good, if not better, than the ones offered in-store. If you need something within the day, you can order it online and pick it up in the store for free, or pay $5 for same-day delivery. It offers a lot of different options to keep its consumers happy. 


Petco is no different. Like PetSmart, it offers products for birds, fish, cats, and dogs, and offers free shipping for orders over $49. Its site offers a convenient way to shop by pet. Just click an option, say ‘dog,’ and everything you could possibly need for your dog gets shown to you. Petco also has a repeat delivery service, which aims to save you time and hassle. You just choose your products and schedule time, and the products will be delivered to you automatically. No more 12am pet-food-runs.

These two are great options, but there are sites out there that can offer you even more. Think huge selections of organic pet-foods, cheaper toys, and free-shipping.

Frequent Promotions and Deals

If you’re a deals-kinda-person, there are some online supply sites that you have to check out. Pet food, toys, and other essentials don’t have to break your bank. 

A top choice for dog or cat owners that are looking for affordable food options, is Chewy. The site is backed by PetSmart, stocks over 1,000 brands, has videos about pet diets and other useful topics, and offers you tons of ways to save. For one, you can save 20% on your first auto-ship. Chewy also offers discounts as big as 50% on certain brands, and there’s no sales tax for anyone living out of Florida, Nevada, or Pennsylvania.

Two other sites that often offer promotions and other deals, are Petflow and Dog. 

  • Petflow offers reduced prices for auto-shipping, and has a referral program that pays you $10 per referral, which can add up to quite a bit. The best part about Petflow is that it’s more than just a store, it’s a store that does good. For every order it ships, it donates a bowl of food to a pet in need, so you feel good about your purchase. 
  • Though it’s called ‘Dog,’ offers products for cats as well. It often has promotions that can get you as much as 75% off, has a large clearance section, and offers free shipping on orders over $69.

Quick and Easy

If you find yourself running just to keep up with life, you’re probably in need of a simple and quick solution for pet supplies. If so, you’ll love Wag. 

Wag sits on Amazon, which everyone is familiar with. Just look up what you want, purchase, and your order is set. You can also order your supplies directly through Amazon. Most people don’t think to order pet products on Amazon, but it has a huge variety, and you can search by product, brand, price, and rating to ensure you’re always satisfied with your purchase. You can also save a ton of money by signing up for Amazon Prime, as all other pet supply sites charge for shipping, unless your order is over $50. 

Amazon Prime members pay a one-time annual fee of $100, and are entitled to free 2-day shipping on Prime products. Amazon is the largest online retailer, and we have a feeling consumers will be buying more and more pet supplies on the site.

If you’re short on time, make sure to do one thing: save 1800PetSupplies in your phone’s contacts. You can use its site, or call the number to place an order. It offers 20% off of your first order, 30% off of orders over $69, and even more deals that’ll have you coming back. If your day’s jammed and you don’t have time to get online and place an order, just dial the number and consider it done.

If You’re Looking for Holistic Options

Today more than ever, pet owners want to feed their pets as they feed themselves. They only want organic and natural products that are free of pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals, and rightly so. The amount of things that get put into our foods without us being aware is frightening.

Luckily there’s a pet supply site dedicated to the conscious pet owners out there. Only Natural Pet, as its name suggests, sells natural, holistic, and eco-friendly pet products that range from food and vitamins, to toys and shampoo. It has different products that aren’t sold in mainstream shops like its paleo inspired powerfood line for dogs. 

Its site also has insightful articles and videos like ‘Natural Flea & Tick Prevention,’ and ‘Dog Chews for Better Health.’ Though it’s not the cheapest option out there, PetfoodDirect is good for all-natural pet foods. It has a wide selection of holistic puppy, adult, and senior dog foods. If you’re looking to order from a pet supply site that has organic and healthy options for your pet, Only Natural Pet and PetfoodDirect will not disappoint.

A Happy You and a Happy Pet

Shopping for your pet can take time. You have to drive to the store, find the product, check out, and drive home. Lucky for you there are great pet supply sites that can make pet supply shopping a no-hassle deal. Do it from work, on-the-go, or from the treadmill, and you’ll discover a happier you and a happier pet!

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